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Global Sleep Care Centre Inc.

Fast. Efficient. Capable.
Keep productivity high and fatalities low.


Care assistance has never been quicker with our system which holds live communication from one clinic to another, an internal chat option and endorsement option that allows everyone to be kept up to date. Don't worry about losing track, we have a dashboard that allows for all important steps and transactions to be in one, quick view.


Have all your needs in an all-in-one system. Clinic faxes, patient files, diagnoses, current treatment, endorsement, and even further processes and appointments for the patient. Never lose track of your schedule with our built-in appointment calendar, allowing you to have a full view of your schedules and appointments.


We ensure that care and support will be given ASAP, and with our system, care becomes easier to give due to its consistency and reliability. With its fast processing time, efficient lay-out, and user-friendly interface, patient care has never been easier.


Never worry about data security. Compliant with local and international Data Privacy Laws, as well as HIPAA and PHIPAA, the system we use holds records in a cloud server and does not hold any patient information inside of a local database. Never fear, ease your worries, keep your peace.


Accessible and user-friendly, have all of your needs at your fingertips anytime and anywhere. Create new encounters, review patients, and more all while on the go. Functionality and efficiency in perfect harmony.